I was introduced to our new Associate Tutor, Sasha Kingston. Sasha is a Paper Artist. I would highly recommend visiting her homepage @ http://www.sashakingston.com. She would be teaching us a range of drawing exercises to deconstruct preconceived ideas, flex our creative muscles and start us on our journey of mark-making, visual interpretation, print & dye, stitch and Fine Art.

Sasha asked us to form a group. The group would then choose an individual to discuss their work and what they had been up to over the Summer. A specific piece of my work was chosen for an exercise looking at working with monotone dry point materials; 15 minutes was given to capture as much of the images’ essence. It was fascinating to hear and watch all of my contemporaries busy creating their own interpretations of their own work, myself included.


My 15 minute sketch is the image with the darkest black diagonal running from top right to bottom left. It is an explication of tree bark. I get really animated seeing other artists work. Taking inspiration from one another is what it’s all about.

The image (right) is of a tree I had photographed @ St Fagans. This image was then studied to create 2 continuous line drawings of a section. Using a viewfinder, I was asked to draw an observational study within a 3 minute time frame; the pencil was not to leave the paper. The (middle) image using a 2B pencil felt fluid and effortless, I really like it. The (right) image using a brown fine liner felt stiff and resistant, I actually drew with my left hand. Deciding upon which drawing implement to use can not only alter your work but can also alter how you feel when making it.

I wasn’t given homework as such, but knew that the self-directed study days are a perfect opportunity to transcend the knowledge, gained from the previous day, into new and exciting avenues.


Investigating different ideas and thought processes; photocopy, photograph, print and observational drawing. Compressed charcoal pencil and graphite pencil.


Considering new angles of mark marking. Observational drawing and print. Red biro, compressed charcoal pencil and fine liner.

I will begin to incorporate these marks within fabric and mixed media samples. I will take a trip to Re-create, a most fantastic arts and crafts store specifically designed for Children…….quote (by Re-Create):

‘A Scrapstore: a wide variety of re-usable waste and surplus material donated and collected from firms around South Wales to re-use in children’s play. Arts and Crafts shop: to stock a wide range of cut-price arts and crafts materials’.

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