ADZ4771 Subject: Material Matters

Taught drawing lesson 2: Monday 2nd October 

‘The aim of your next drawing session is to experiment with wet and dry techniques on to various surfaces to create a body of individual pieces, to suit your own personal themes and styles.

Basic core materials will be provided, but please bring in watercolours, gouache, coloured inks, Quink ink, coloured pencils, pens, oil, wax and chalk pastels/ crayons where possible.

Also, a selection of thin and wide brushes, a variety of scrap papers (such as recycled paper, tissue, brown wrap, envelopes, hand-made and tracing papers) Plus any recycled non-patterned plain fabrics and masking tape/ fluid.

Remember to bring in your A3 sketchbook and any other resource material!!’ Sasha.

Advised by Keireine and Helen to reaffirm confidence when navigating Moodle, looking especially at the Career Module. Ess George is available to book a 121 career appointment. I will view the module tonight and arrange an appointment ASAP.

Week 2 of the drawing exercises was again run by Sasha and Helen. Helen introduced me to a range of brushes and encouraged me to construct a technical file for future use. This library of brush mark knowledge could then be called upon when needed.


Before I started using a brush, I thought it prudent to begin a few simple mark making exercises using the information I had found on Moodle; included a vast and comprehensive range of ‘Drawing Techniques’ to find our own visual handwriting.

Using a range of different brushes and brush strokes to crete wildly different and expressive marks. Using Blue again, my favourite colour. Fascinating to realise so many different marks can be made with one drawing tool.

Tools used were:


This was what I had created within the designated studio session. I felt a mixed emotion looking over my work, I know that I can do better. The task I have set myself for the coming week, to really immerse myself within my sketchbook and find my own creative identity…..again. Watch out for lots more exploratory mark making.

I will research definitive books I have at home and make use of the sublime Library @ Cardiff Met.

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