Killing 2 birds with 1 stone; a wondrous excuse to take my dogs, Moly and Zulu, up to Cefn Onn park for a leaf/flora foraging exercise.


I must admit, I actually enjoyed the time so much with my dogs that the leaf/flora foraging took a back seat. However, I did bring back some items of interest. I wanted to transcribe simplistic and basic prints using paint and ink, I added a little mark making into the mix too. Below are the results of my walk.


Reflecting on my park/dog walk experience, I thoroughly enjoyed my time at the park and experimenting with print. Completing these simple exercises is giving me a more disciplined approach to colour, shape and form. I absolutely love drawing from observation, yet sometimes it may not go to plan. If this is the case, I can improvise using found objects to print and stitch into. Exploration into mixed media is a must.


Using Ash and Sycamore leaves on coloured paper and incorporating ink, paint and bleach. Ripping images from the original paper they were applied to and collaging, stretching and drawing on top can allude to depth, texture and a 3-D quality. Simple lines over these images create a sense of individual ‘framed’ images which I really love. Could I mould an idea of a framed piece of work within a frame? Framed textile art? Manipulating these worked-into images can produce endless research ideas to pursue.

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