Module ADZ4771 Subject ‘Material Matters’

Monday 16th October

Taught Drawing lesson 4- ‘Collage’

Please prepare in advance for this session.

Collect and bring in a good selection of recycled papers for cutting up and collaging, such as newspaper, magazines, envelopes, photographs, wrapping paper, wallpaper, coloured and printed papers and the photocopied sheets you were working on during last Mondays session.

Collect and bring in a group of natural form items again.

Bring in a good selection of drawing pens, pencils, inks, watercolours and brushes, print stick, masking tape, stapler, needles and any threads, yarns, wire and cord you may have.

You will be combining your chosen materials whilst observing, recording and drawing natural forms as inspiration in your collages.

For directed independent study:

Continue to develop the techniques shown to you, to suit your own personal themes and styles. Find examples of artists who inspire your own work who use similar techniques by drawing with thread and collage. 

Absolutely love Collage!! So free and easy. Decided to create a number of collage backgrounds before drawing and stitching onto each.

Having ‘stockpiled’ offcuts, newspapers, old mags, odd bits and ends of paper, this way process of making suited me perfectly.

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