Another day of self directed study. Inspiration?

I was lucky enough to have the above video show up on my Facebook feed, definitely one advantage of subscribing/liking so many creative pages; a simple concept tackling the subject of recycling and the use of finite resources. A trip into the attic will offer up a treasure trove of VHS tape, allowing me the opportunity to experiment.

First things first, time to pursue my studies in the process Monotone printing. Where do I begin? Employing shells I already had I began to create some extremely simple monotone prints predominantly using line.

Little did I know what would happen, I became a man possessed; inspiration flowed happily and generously.

Initial studies were a little raw and basic, however I really enjoyed the freedom of being able to draw and print at exactly the same time. Results seemed secondary to the creative process. Tissue paper was utilised first to gauge if the monoprint would successfully transfer to a delicate surface, of which it did.

(Top) Using failed/less successful prints as background/linear secondary monoprint layered on top. (Left) Recycled less successful background/drawing over top with compressed charcoal. (Right) Collage, layering and use of texture.

How could I translate this into stitch? Print onto fabric and embellish with a range of different stitches? Time to begin a technical file for hand stitch? Which designer/textile artist uses monotone/print within their creative practice? Consideration of which stitch to employ?

Drawing is fundamental to my creative practice, without it I feel my visual message lacks  the potency to be original. Each day of constant practice brings me closer to my ultimate goal………a master within my own field.


Previous Cardiff Met students came in to discuss what life is like after graduating from the University. Although some of the speeches were a little long and drawn out, I was able to ascertain some really useful information.

The overall consensus seemed to point towards work placement as an absolute necessity when figuring out what you want, and don’t want to do within your career. These opportunities will allow you to become the designer you want to be, it will give you the foundations of honing and eventually mastering your own silent language. Take the opportunity to work with a small business owner, and find out mechanics of how everything works.

Networking is essential, it really is who you know, rather than what you know, that will come later. Maintain relationships with your creative colleagues, there could be unexpected collaboration and most likely work. Attend as many tutorials when available. Search for relevant evening courses and set personal projects of your own.

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