Helen gave an hour lecture on how to professionally present my work; a lot of the suggestions/points she made are extremely valid and will be researched tomorrow on my day off (SDS). Helen, kindly posted the powerpoint session onto Moodle.


Module ADZ4771 Subject ‘Material Matters’

Monday 6th November Taught Drawing Lesson 7 ‘Colour Experimentation- Working In Layers’

Concentrating on mark making with colour and not image will be the basis of the lesson when experimenting with materials. However, you may like to think about inserting meaning by layering over texts and photographs.

Developing from colour theory you will be working on layers using mixed media with colour.

The way that you lay down paint, papers and fabrics will have a direct effect on its colour whilst the thickness and the consistency of a colour can be exploited to change it.

Equipment/materials needed for the taught drawing lesson 7.

It is suggested that you bring in your own equipment for this workshop.

A selection of heavy and light weight papers- watercolour paper, coloured tissue paper, magazines, newspaper, photographs.

Paintbrushes for paint application

Mixing palette or plate

2 x water pots

Gouache, watercolour, acrylics (some paints available in the studio) No white available, please bring with you, as required.

Masking tape, scissors, sponge, tools for scratching and making marks (nail, sticks, scalpel).

My boxes of goodies. I have made sure not to waste any paper that have used or acquired, you never know when you may need it. This put me in good stead when starting to explore; each paper can be used for a different style of layering/design. Sometimes if inspiration is slow to strike, I begin by scouring Nature encyclopaedias, science journals or old books. These can form the foundation of some incredible work, which in turn can be re-interpreted again and again.

Masking fluid seemed to be fluent material within the initial stages of layering colour onto different paper surfaces. Apart from it’s fishy scent, it really is an amazing substance. I can manipulate backgrounds, enhance contrast and build up some incredible layers.


Using peacock feathers as inspiration (taken from a page within my old natural encyclopaedia), I applied masking tape onto other pages from the nature encyclopaedia. Using the two primary colours of blue and yellow, I began to create gradient of colour; paint was carefully applied by brush to avoid a muddy mess. When the paint was dry, I peeled the tape off to reveal a wonderful contrast of colour against the white. Again, not waste any of the materials I utilised; paper, paint and tape was recycled and made into new designs.


Whilst experimenting, I almost cast aside a lot of the individual elements within the above designs. Not one to discard anything, I reimagined the composition and included pieces from less successful samples. I absolutely love the final composition. I have shied away from using yellow in the past, it’s one of those colours that I have never particularly liked.

Constantly learning from my mistakes, blunders, mishaps and mishaps, lol. EXPERIMENT, EXPERIMENT.

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