Yesterday’s session got me thinking about the patterns within patterns (my theme). Could I create more intricate and pattern based patterns than what they started off as? Could I weave my work together to cut patterns out and juxtapose them against itself?


I was reminded of all the incredible juxtaposition of patterns within the work of renowned textile Artist/Designer, Kaffe Fassett. Mother and I are well past due for our expedition to visit his exhibition @ Mottisfont House & Gardens, Hampshire.


The natural patterns found within larger geometric patterns resonate within my own creative practice. Although Fasset’s use of colour is far more bold and saturated than that of mine, I cannot help but notice the similarities of wanting to create something vibrant, descriptive and purposeful.


My interpretation of his work, through my visual lens. I want to show meaning within the hidden; the viewer can create their own narrative. Could I now take this idea a step further and weave using fabric? Would the process become simply far too  consuming? Would the fabric be too thick to construct an accurate design? Maybe a course in quilting would allow me to explore other creative avenues?

This will be incorporated as one of my 6 Print/Dye samples. Love it.



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