Showcased our group’s 10 minute Powerpoint Presentation. 4 out of 7 (within my group) people contributed to our idea, which in turn is pretty poor. Nevertheless, we were able to convey potent, and relevant contextual research within the artefact/room we had chosen to curate. All my personal research is contained within the Week 4 blog.


Jacqui suggested we look at the terminology of the word Methodology (museum), so I googled it and transcribed it as follows:

‘Methodology is the systematic, theoretical analysis of the methods applied to a field of study. It comprises the theoretical analysis of the body of methods and principles associated with a branch of knowledge.’



What preparations/questions are to be made/put forward, as a designer/artist/maker, before setting up an exhibition?
• To what extent does a change in the location of an object change its attraction in relation to the space?
• To what extent does a change in the pathways change behavior in space?
• To what extent does a change in the pathways change the viewing of exhibits and the moment of ˝becoming art˝?
• To what extent does knowledge about a work change its effect?
• Does one only see what one knows, or can a work be understood autonomously?
• Does information distract or does it steer one towards art?
• What role does placement have as a generator of meaning?
• What effect do curatorial concepts have?
• What effect does a staging of the semiological interaction between the exhibited objects and the meaningfulness of the location?

These questions are all fundamental if one is to understand the purpose of translating an idea through the pathway of an object, and how it interacts/relates/finds purpose with the viewer and it’s environment.


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