Steve informed us that the fabric, needed to complete the first task, was out of stock. Another fabric, not tried and tested, was used in the other’s place. It was 100% Polyester, so should suffice. Using marbles, coins, buttons and string, I manipulated the fabric to create interesting patterns to hopefully set a permanently shape once heated and dried.

Manipulating fabric with marbles, string, clamps, lollipop sticks and elastic bands. Once secure and signed, with our initials, the fabric was placed into a hot bath and left for 60minutes.

Decided to take my fabric home to avoid someone taking it by accident. My radiator would act as the perfect setter/fixer. Steve informed us to leave them dry fully before removing resist equipment. Really excited to see the final result.

(Above) Polyester held/pleated in between two large lollipop sticks, and held secure by 2 elastic bands. Amazing textural patterns/incredibly tactile in nature.

(Above) Polyester bound in random patterns, and resisted by elastic bands. Neither here nor there in terms of structure. Thinking that a design/structure is important to plan before setting.

(Above) Using a planned/mapped out approach to the same technique as above. A far more successful result. Pattern and texture found equidistantly within each area.

(Above) Clamp resist on Polyester. Absolutely love the overall effect of this design. Would really love to draw this!! Could I use the negative spaces to create a new pattern? Can I incorporate this into a stitch sample?

(Above) Marbles used as resist. First attempt at using the special finger twist and tie method, demonstrated by Steve. Again, the result is very mixed. Spacing is a little too random.

(Above) Second attempt using marbles and string as resist. Utilised far more marbles and kept the structure more rigidly planned. Fantastic shapes and 3-D images evoking thoughts of alien landscapes, or even the dried egg cases of some fish.

Egg cases of Dogfish and Whelks. Incredible structure. This reminds me of a garment I picked up at the Made By Hand craft fair!! Michelle Griffiths’ uses heat setting on man made fabrics to create just this!!

Pinegate 276

BUBBLEWRAP – Michelle Griffiths http://www.shibori.co.uk

I think I will use some of the less successful pieces within my stitch samples. Deconstructing failed experiments to create reconstructed successes.


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