Sasha set the task to create our own visual diary/sketchbook, consolidating our creative journey via work completed on the Monday sessions.

Panic stations!! So much other work to undertake/complete within the same time needed to start and finish this mini project.

Would it be prudent of me to have a little peek on the internet? Would this give me insight into what Sasha wants me to do?


Examples of Artist’s (Handmade) Books. (Top) Kiala Givehand, BOOK 12, 2013. (Left) Unknown Artist/Title (Right) Liza Greene, Narrative Threads, Coptic Stitch Book, 2011.

Found a wonderful website that introduces the viewer to the wonderful process/idea of making an artist’s book. Given me wonderful ideas to commence my own visual journey. First things first, I need to travel back to the first Monday and document my favourite elements from within each session.

Hmmmmmmm………what to incorporate? Where to begin.

How would the front and back pages of the book look? Am I able to use some of the colour/paint/layering explorative pieces as pages? Can I print over them and juxtapose different/contrasting images? Will I go back to using observational drawing within some of these pages? I have a day to figure this out.


Using a range of tools/techniques to create different layering effects:

ACRYLIC PAINT, HAIRDRYER, PHOTO MONTAGE, PALETTE KNIFE, COMB, PERFORATED TAPE ROLL, CHARCOAL PENCIL & PAINT TUBE. Should I leave them as they are or draw/stitch over the top? Maybe I can photocopy them, and then experiment further.

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