Unfortunately was unable to get into Uni today. Having a rather unpleasant chest infection, coupled with my M.E, means that I find impossible to be around people. However, I did not waste the day, and began my own little project. Having found the Monoprint  process fascinating, I thought I would continue the print journey towards the process of Collagraph printing.

Taking inspiration from the drawing with thread/whitewash sessions on a Monday, I subsequently incorporated my observational drawings onto card to create a Collagraph printing plate.


Collagraph was created by using PVA glue, fine sand, a compass point and tearing of the card. I sketched the shape of an individual sliced section of shell, and repeated it by flipping 180Degrees to showcase a top to toe pattern. The printing plate was sandwiched between 2 pieces of paper, one used to develop the print, and the other to protect the material/printing fabric from being ruined by ink. The correct pressure was set on the portable printing roller press and fed through; first print was not so successful due to the calligraphy absorbing most of the printing relief ink, but once saturated with the correct amount of ink, I was able to complete new engaging designs using contrasting colours.

A large 12″ print roller was used to generate a potent block of orange, and was left to dry. Once dry, the collagraph was inked up with a contrasting blue.

Exploring different types of paper; standard printing paper, carrier paper and tissue paper. Using different papers, especially thinking about the thickness of each, allowed me to explore the plausibility of free machine/hand stitch embellishment on each surface. Would the thickness hinder or help? Would I need to incorporate a stabiliser backing paper specifically for this task?

My constellation subject is becoming more and more meshed within my own creative practice, or rather the theory and language used is beginning to permeate my ideas and creativity. Could I now mesh one thing/object with another? Would this alter the context of initial idea, and would improve it? What does this mean for my possible future endeavours with different media? One thing I have learned; never underestimate the power of research, reading and exploring new artists, ways of working and ways of seeing!!!

Another one of my 6 Print/Dye samples!! Think I will overlay 2 prints against one another to create depth and texture.

Have ordered some incredible threads from Mettler, specifically metallics. SPANISH VILLA, PALE GOLD, INKA GOLD, COPPER, DARK QUARTZ, MALACHITE,  SEA TOPAZ & TEAL.

I know what I want for Christmas.

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