Dear Michelle, thank you for agreeing to mentor me over the next few years.

Spent the afternoon discussing everything to do with Textiles.

Michelle graciously took me on a tour of her studio @ Lllantrissant, Model House. It is a studio hive for creatives, makers and designers to create and sell their own work; not only that, it is a destination to learn and hone ones craft; workshops, tutorials and mentoring are all available if needed.


A small selection of the work of my mentor, Michelle Griffiths. We discussed how we would go curate this mentorship, and how to make it work around our busy schedules. As I have no mandatory study sessions on a Wednesday afternoon, Michelle thought it would make the perfect opportunity for our collaboration. Wednesdays, 1:30-4:30pm, @ Model House; incredible scope to learn from a most incredible talented lady.

The resource library that Michelle has managed to accumulate over 10+ years is absolutely mind-blowing!! Permission was granted to utilise this wonderful smorgasbord of information and research material. Lucky boy, I am.


A gift from Michelle!!!! Had a flick through it, can honestly say it is exactly what I have been after; old, but perfectly descriptive.

A Polyester/Chiffon mix length of fabric was given to me by Michelle; homework for the week would entail manipulating the fabric with whatever resist equipment I deemed relevant to my practice. Equipment such as dried beans, pebbles, bottle tops (covered with clingfilm, to avoid ripping fabric/rust bleeding), cubes, match sticks etc, the possibilities are endless.

Looking forward to our next mentoring session.


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