Imagine a world in which your actions and ideas can have a strong impact on how other view themselves, their families and their environment.

The city of London is proud to present works by Vaughan Thomas: ‘Thinking outside the box’ 2018. This, the artists’ first major exhibition, will be on view from 4th January -8th March 2018 at various cites in Oxford Street, London. The interactive hub presents a fusion of cutting edge technology with constructed textiles and other mixed media. Consisting of a number of transparent tubes placed upon plinths and supported by a variety of audio and visual sources, these structures contain a meshwork on wire and woven fabric, simulating the bones, muscles, tissues and cartilage of the chest cavity that facilitates breathing.

Materials utilise a range of fabrics and sensors, able to respond to airborne pollutants, by changing colour, shape or tone. The internal structures using rubber airbags, used by anaesthetists, are connected to the outside of the tubes by a corrugated tube, the trachea, linked to an intermittent air pump that inflates or deflates ‘the lungs’. The air filters, changed at regular intervals, indicate the level of pollutants present in the surrounding the installation.

Vaughan’s interest in textiles and the environment have grown from his love of the natural world and from his struggle with chronic illness. In this work, he aims to explore and develop the concept that by our unthinking greed and extravagance, we are destroying the very things that sustain our lives. Through this work, the artist will endeavour to explore the contradictions inherent in our consumerist society and the negative effects that our over-consumption of the Earth’s resources are having on our environment, our health and ultimately the survival of the species. The toxic fumes pumped into our atmosphere by our factories, power stations, lorries, busses and cars are slowly killing us. Air pollution is now a major cause of death in our towns and cities. The installation or information hub will use technologies and constructed textiles to highlight these vital issues.


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