Took my beautiful doggies, Molly and Zulu, to the groomer in Cwm Bran; remembered that Helen had sent the group an e-mail informing us of an upcoming exhibition at Llantarnam Grange, Cwm Bran.


HIRAETH – Embellished stories from Rhiannon Williams

‘Rhiannon Williams embellishes stories. Using embroidery techniques, she stitches together stories of people. Her richly embroidered narratives convey scene scenes from modern day life, to nostalgic memories of times gone by, exploring human relationships and feelings of belonging. Rhiannon studied her degree in Textiles at University College Falmouth in 2011 and her Masters at the RCA in 2014.’

I was utterly blown away!!!! The beautiful colours and embellished stitch made me feel like I was in a different space and time; nostalgia, memories of my childhood and the relationship between my parents came rushing back to me in technicolour!! The attention to detail was striking, not to mention the range of different stitch/embellishment techniques. I was in heaven; standing in front of some pieces for up to 10-15 minutes each.

It was imperative to me to photograph the detail of my favourite pieces, the pull to touch each work became intense. Alas, I did not touch the work out of respect for the artist. Would love to chat with Rhiannon on her Exhibition Opening Day; allowing me to ask the questions I have held back so long. When did your passion for Textiles begin? How did you start? What are you inspired by? How did you learn these techniques? Could you recommend a process to self-learn these incredible techniques? The list could go on!!!


WOW!!!!!! Look at the craftsmanship within the detail of this flower!!! I want to ask her how she did this? Does she use hand/machine stitch? What process does she use for her large scale appliqué?

Upon reflection, her work makes me want to concentrate on more observational work. I think I will work in conjunction with my Dad (who is a incredible artist) to broaden my artistic language. By the end of my degree, could I be as good as Rhiannon?

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