Utilising failed mono prints/acetate images together with Tyvek and Machine stitch.


Tyke was placed between two sheets of baking parchment and heated with an iron. The resulting material will crumple under the heat to create some fantastic bubble/burnt patterns. This sample by itself did not turn out as successfully as I had hoped; the large bubbles I had counted upon to create a wonderfully textural surface pattern did not materialise, but rather burned a little to much. However, I decided to amalgamate a failed acetate photocopy and mono print together to create a new and exciting interpretation of the patterns found within an observational study, flowers and fungi, used to create the individual sample.


Acetate cropped with Tyvek and embellished with a decorative machine stitch in Silver Gutermann thread.


Monoprint & Scrim. I decided to crop the print and embellish into the paper surface, luckily the paper did not need backing as it was a premium thick cartridge paper. I embellished the bubblewrap print with a similar colour green Gutermann thread, accentuation the shape already laid by the print. I then free-machine stitched a decorative stitch over the scrim to add depth and pattern.


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