Today I would learn how to create a repeat pattern, courtesy of my new Associate Tutor,  Sian Elin.

Taking inspiration from my continuing studies of Mulholland Drive by David Hockney, I began to search through my stitch and sketchbook samples to find a point of interest for today’s session. Sian is a new Associate Tutor, and very helpfully demonstrated the process of how to create a repeat patten.

The group was told to doodle/draw/make marks on a larger than A1 sheet of paper, but to keep away from the edges.


  1. Keep Design in the middle area of paper.
  2. Cut design into 4 (quarters) equal pieces.
  3. Turn each (quarter) piece 180 degrees round, so that the middle, of the newly arranged paper, seems empty of any design.
  4. The paper now needs to be re-attached. I find that placing a fresh strip of masking tape on the table and lowering the paper into place is the best way to avoid misalignment.
  5. This empty space can now be filled with the same, contrasting or harmonising design, dependent on what it is I would like to achieve.IMG_1816This is what the design looked like after filling in all the relevant space, and I think  it would make a fantastic Kids bedroom wallpaper/duvet set design.

After collaborating as a group, we were all set the task to create our own design, to use as repeat.



This was mine!! Really pleased with the result. I used a specific detail found within Mulholland Drive, and continued the idea I had utilised within my stitch lesson last Friday. It was drawn by hand with gold ink, gold pen, brown aquarelle pastel and black charcoal pencil. Sian was kind enough to photocopy the original patter, so we could align all four to showcase the full repeat pattern. It was little tricky to line them us, as the photocopy was just slightly smaller of an image than the original.

I feel confident enough now to explore this process further, and relish the opportunity to see what fantastic results await.


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