I had been quite poorly during my fist term; Chronic Fatigue Syndrome does not always make life easy. However, Helen and Keireine had been extremely generous in allowing me the extension of 15th December to hand my work in. I worked tirelessly to create a final body of work I could be proud of.

I found the first term both exciting and frustrating, but have gained a new found respect for all things surface pattern. Initially I was concerned that the course would offer only a 2-D approach to Textiles, but later found out that I could incorporate/interpret my own ideas into whatever medium, surface quality, and dimension that I wished.

Exhibiting/mounting the work can be just as important as the work itself; a sloppy exhibit/final finish can make all the hard work seem pointless. Luckily, I have mounted many a work in my time, so hopefully this is reflected within the Material Matters exhibit. I wanted to make sure that the samples were secure on the mounts so I incorporated a strong double sided tape. Hopefully you enjoy what I have made too.



Simply put, I have always been fascinated with the patterns found within everyday objects. These patterns can in turn have patterns within themselves, which has been the main focus of my work within this brief. My objective was to create a cohesive body of work utilising an idea of the deconstruction and subsequent reconstruction of materials. Creating designs from the utilisation of recycled, failed and old material feeds directly into my love of sustainability and making do with what we already have. My passion derives from a love of observation, not just what I find in front of me, but rather what I see all around me.

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