Steve kindly allowed to use the Fabric Print studio today, and also demonstrated the technique/process needed to complete the Print Workshop for my Field Project. The technique was extremely simple, yet really exciting and exactly what I needed to convey my initial ideas onto fabric.

I used a simple Emerald Green Selectasine Seragraphic (1tbsp) pigment within a Fabric Printing Binder to create the colour and laid my stencil over some Calico, and then overlaid the aluminium screen printing frame over the fabric and stencil. A generous amount of the printing ink was laid at the bottom of the frame, and the squeegee pushed (at a 45degree angle) and pulled a total of 4 times (2 up, 2 down), making sure to tap the squeegee at each stop, thus allowing the excess ink to be made readily availble for the next stroke.

Documenting my interpretation of flora detail within Mulholland Drive. Had such fun creating the paper stencils, and the results are fantastic. Steve told me to create an additional copy of each of my stencils, and recommended I transfer them to a sturdy/thick translucent vellum tracing paper. Not only would this allow me to replicate many more copies, in turn making many more prints, but would allow me to retain the wonderful craftsmanship I had put into my designs.


I was totally surprised at how easily the paper stencil disintegrated, and right after the first time I used it!!! Making a copy of each design will now allow me to experiment with layering and colour.

Mixing a Bright Yellow and Rich Orange Selectasine Seragraphic pigment together to create a mid-tone orange ink. Experimenting with different materials, namely Polyester Satin and Black Paper, although I totally forgot to stretch the paper on an A1 board. The paper will now be rather crinkly and uneven, my bad!! I was amazed at the different colour result by using different coloured materials, which will be an avenue to explore within this project.

Decided to purchase my own Screen Printing Screen, Squeegee, Printing Inks and Textile Medium Gel with the money my parents gave me for Christmas. Watch this space for my progress.

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