Yesterday my Mother and I decided to take a trip down to Romsey, Hampshire. Our main aim was to experience the Kaffe Fassett exhibition before it finished on January 14th. We had been meaning to see it for months, but unfortunately we never seemed to have any spare time, but the Christmas holidays seemed a perfect time to finally journey down.


Immediately I was struck at the scale of his work!! I thought there would be large pieces, but was unsure at just how large they would be.

There were 5 distinct separate areas (rooms), all of which were painted a specific colour (chosen by Kaffe himself), and the idea became apparent to experience the juxtaposition of the garments, textiles and artworks against a smorgasbord of these explosive colours.


The detail of each piece was incredible, not to mention how labour intensive the designs would take to create. The patterns and geometric shapes were mesmerising; feeding into my own ideas for my Field project subconsciously. The colours flooded my senses to the point of sheer unadulterated passion, I was transfixed.


The level of craftsmanship was exquisite!! The colours chosen to adorn the walls enriched each separate piece, which in themselves looked alive. Fassett’s use of bold colour mirrored that of Hockney’s Mulholland Drive; pattern and mark making contained within cloth. For me, the most important aspects of the juxtaposition of different colour enabled me to understand colour theory in more depth and clarity.

I would quite happily save up and spend a small fortune on this chair! Drawing with Stitch. Blown away. Subsequently, I began to question my own use of colour within my own work, and how it affects the atmosphere of individual work, but more importantly that of a cohesive collection.


Possibly my least favourite room. I really enjoyed the geometric sure runner, but realised that this colour is probably one of my least favourite colours to use. I find yellow to be the most incredible colour, once viewed in Nature, but would not choose it on purpose when undertaking my own work. This understanding is essential for me as a practitioner because it enables me to create my own unique brand and visual handwriting, even when it comes to colour.


WOW!!!! Having experienced the Cream, Yellow and Green rooms, I knew that I would love this room. The contrast and harmony between all the colours was astounding, I felt totally at home in this room. The confidence of Fassett’s colour utilisation demands me to be as bold when experimenting within my own creative practice. I have always been fascinated by the geometric and symmetrical patterns within Quilts, and aim to continue practicing this tactile and homely form of creating design with cloth.



I normally loathe Pink!! However, strangely enough this was my favourite room!!! Having experience a positive reaction to this colour, I now question which other colours I may enjoy working with when looking within a certain context.

Most importantly, I have learned that it is essential as a creative practitioner to immerse oneself in as much visual research as possible, not only will this make me a more rounded designer, but will also allow me to grow as a human being.

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