Decided to come into Uni to meet Dorcas, Kat and Aisha. The aim was to utilise the empty workshop rooms and create more samples for this Field project: ‘LIGHT’. ALL of these samples were not only inspired by MULHOLLAND DRIVE, but the KAFFE FASSETT exhibition I visited with my Mum, on Saturday.

I wanted to create some initial samples using 3 of the non-obvious colours found within MULHOLLAND DRIVE, specifically focusing on the Red/Pink, Blue and White found within the structure in the centre of the painting. My primary objective was to make sure that the samples sang; a kinetic energy mirroring the marks made by Hockney.


Created by sandwiching Red/Pink and Blue Cotton thread between 2 sheets of Silk Organza, and was secured/stretched in an embroidery hoop (to avoid puckering). I chose a feathery white/cream cotton thread to be used in the bobbin as an embellishment thread. The thread was chosen for its 3-D effect and it’s ability to contrast from the pink and blue thread. A decorative stitch was chosen to create a haphazard effect, making sure that the reverse (the side I would want to be viewed) of the sample would demonstrate a number of marks evident within Hockney’s painting. Strangely enough, I actually really love the front and reverse of the sample.


My second sample was inspired by the Stitch workshop that Maggie had run just before Christmas; I utilised a Janome Felt Embellisher machine for the first time, and fallen in love with it’s speedy and creative outcome. I took the remaining Red/Pink and Blue Cotton thread and placed it directly on top of a sheet of Silk Organza and let the machine ‘punch’ it into/through the silk fabric. I like the front, but adore the reverse (wrong side this time!!). The threads have been punched through the other side in varying degrees, but the overall effect is textural, contrasting and full of energy.

The girls and I have decided to come in on Wednesday….watch this space.


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