Had arranged with the girls….KAT, AISHA and KELSEY….to meet up today. The idea was to discuss ongoing ideas, share best practice and gain inspiration from each other, and that is exactly what we did.

I had prepared my own materials before travelling to Uni, using a range of synthetic fabrics to manipulate, embellish and deconstruct/reconstruct.

I began by experimenting with the Felt Embellishment Janome machine, and decided to test out how Polyester Chiffon fabric would react to a process reserved normally for Felt:

The results were rather surprising!! The 2-D fabric transformed into a sculptural 3-D cloth; fibres became evidently broken and distorted, which only made the experiment even more fruitful. This gave me the idea to manipulate fabric with the use of a Wing Needle, which strangely enough I have ordered already!!

Layering loose threads and yarns onto the Polyester Chiffon fabric and fusing together with the use of the Felt Embellishment machine. Subconsciously I had picked up the threads and yarns that encapsulated the essence of Mulholland Drive. The process of punching through thread and yarn was extremely satisfying, not to mention created an abstract interpretation of the real painting. I LOVE IT!! I learnt that the more sheer the fabric, the more the fabric would distort; a thicker fabric may retain it’s shape better? Could you imagine this as a rug? WOW.

Juxtaposing colour via the use of Felt manipulation and free machine embroidery. The layers of felt were strategically placed and punched into the fabric to mirror the layered blocks of colour in my chosen painting. Felt is an incredibly versatile material, it can be moulded into many shapes and patterns; perfect for this project.

Once the felt was punched into the fabric, I embellished the surface with cotton thread (punched into fabric) and free machine embroidery was used to embellish. The colours chosen were purposely picked either to harmonise or contrast against the colour of the felt.



My final sample of the day involved an already pre-prepared screen print (produced before Christmas). Although I love the simplicity and vibrancy of the print, I wanted to jazz it up with the use of untrue contrasting thread and harmonising pearl cotton. I used my imagination to capture the energy of flora in real life and combined it with the stylisation of Hockney, resulting in a kineticism expressed within my own visual handwriting.

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