Really excited to begin my first foray into Screen Printing!! I had booked a 1-2-1 Study Workshop Day with local Artist/Teacher, Liz Ryan.

All my Heavyweight Vellum tracing paper stencils had been cut and were raring to go.

The first stencil utilised was a design incorporating the geometric and linear qualities found on the skyline of Mulholland Drive. Once positioned securely with masking tape and mounted with newspaper sheets, the stencil was laid upon a piece of medium weight cotton fabric. The screen printing frame was then placed over the stencil, and the water based printing ink was applied generously in a line above the stencil image. The colours chosen as a base were BLUE, GREEN, PURPLE & TURQUOISE; PINK, ORANGE, YELLOW AND RED were all used as a contrasting colour. My design idea was to create a rich patterned and coloured surface pattern by moving the stencil 90degrees clockwise each septette print, thus allowing for new and exciting prints to emerge as a final design.


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