First day back at Uni, ready for the new term.

I truly did not know what to expect for this Formative Assessment, having previously been ill on my last. Staying true to Vaughan fashion, I wanted to display my work as professionally as possible; the mantra of being over prepared, rather than under has always served me extremely well.

Sian, our Project Leader, asked the group to spend 5-6 minutes each discussing our work, which I relished to take the opportunity. I discussed how I deconstructed Hockney’s work into many different techniques, materials and processes i.e STITCH, PRINT, COLLAGE, OBSERVATIONAL DRAWING, PAINT, INK, STENCILS, REPEAT PATTERN, FABRIC MANIPULATION, COLOUR THEORY and and could then reconstruct these core values found within MULHOLLAND DRIVE into my own visual handwriting.

The feedback I received was overwhelming positive, which was fantastic. I love being able to showcase my ideas, and if it allows my fellow creatives to generate ideas from this group crit then it means that we can all learn from each other. Watching all my other colleagues discuss their work was a wonderful experience, and I felt really proud to be associated with such a great group.

Sian recommended to include some of the textural and sumptuous qualities, found within my samples, in my final piece/design. I discussed with her the addition of the Wing Needle decorative stitch and how the holes left would form the patterns found within Mulholland Drive; she thought it was a wonderful idea.


Saima, Jamie, Jack and I met for the first time since before Christmas, and began the process of choosing elements of each others work that we wanted to incorporate within our final Lighting Solution. We discussed issues such as how labour intensive specific designs would be, the cost of materials and production, the shapes we wanted to include and leave out, colours with which to work with, patterns to juxtapose with form and shape and primarily what we liked and disliked; food for thought, to say the least.

Morgan, who I have never met, and have had no correspondence with, decided to send over the Target Market Profile.

Screen Shot 2018-01-16 at 21.16.21Screen Shot 2018-01-16 at 21.16.58

Overall, I like the profile, but would change his income to earring around the £100-150k bracket, and would include his wife within the profile. I think the profile tackles his interest and lifestyle extremely well; the love for Art is a fantastic touch. Subsequently, this allows me to interpret my own style and ideas into a more Fine Art/Textile design context, something I am really excited about.

Saima and i have spoken in detail and have pulled our favourite elements from each others work to explore further. It is of paramount importance that we respect our own strengths, and help each other with the areas we believe are weak.


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