Considering I had had so much fun experimenting with Weaving (Paper) in my last project, I took the plunge and began to explore further with Yarn.

At one of my favourite Haberdashery stores in Abergavenny, I purchased two amazing bundles of Japanese NORO Wool (100%); I was instantly transfixed!! The incredible colours permeated my senses, and I knew that these colours were a near identical match to those found within MD.

Having previously purchased 10 x Thick Card Looms for Weaving, I set about stringing the first card (yarn) up. I observed directly from MD, starting from the bottom up, and made the purposeful decision to weave individually cut strands of the NORO Wool and CHUNKY MARBLE Acrylic Yarn together.

It was like I was painting with yarn. This little sample truly encapsulates all 5 words the group chose to describe MD:


Interpreting another section of MD. If I am honest, I could spend a week working on all 10 Card Looms!! For me, the most meaningful element of this exercise was discovering how much I love to utilise my hands; the receptive nature of weaving has allowed me to obtain tactile memory, of which I think I will cherish for the rest of my life.

This sample was a ‘continuous’ yarn, albeit many separate yarns cut and tied together. It is a direct interpret ion of the central Blue, Red and White Hill, or ‘Haystack’ as I think it looks like. Having analysed the structure using weave, I now feel confident in undertaking many other exercises when interpretation other artists work or even my own. Subsequently, I am now developing a far greater understanding of who I am as an artist; it’s only taken 37 years!!!

Going forward, I think I would like to scan these samples and manipulate the images using Photoshop. Repeat patterns and juxtaposition could create some new and exciting designs. How about printing the scanned images onto Mulberry paper and utilising bleach to manipulate the colour? Or printing onto Acetate and manipulating with a Wing Needle? A decorative machine stitch may look fantastic. Watch this space.

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