Second workshop of the Spring Term: WIREWORK.

Having previously had a little experience with using wire before, I knew that I would enjoy this session immensely.

The tutor gave us varying lengths/thickness of wire and suggested taking inspiration from a design or pattern that we were currently working on; I thought it prudent to create a patterned shape inspired from a paper stencil to that of a wire structure.


Specifically shaped blocks (circles, squares, rectangles and parallelograms) were used as a template to mould the wire around, thus giving beautifully sculpted lines, avoiding kinks and unsightly bends.


Once the desired shape had been obtained, Martin demonstrated how to use the Spot Welder. It was very easy to use and I thoroughly enjoyed the speed of welding/bonding the two ends together.

Martyn informed us to draw the size of specific components of our chosen design on a piece of paper, and use as a template to measure for additional shapes and patterns necessary to finalise the design. An important part of this process was making sure that the wire being used was made to be as flat as possible, which I made possible by eye co-ordination and a wire clamp; looking and pressure.


To create the tighter curvature within the wire a 1″ (Diameter) metal pipe was used as a template to mould the wire around.


When all the spot welding was complete, my job now was to remove the wire extrusions using the wire clipper/cutter. A metal file was finally used to remove any sharp protruding areas of the wire. The finished design replicated perfectly what I had undertaken within my paper stencil design.

I will endeavour to finish the design with a mixture of Silver and Copper Plasticoat. Thereupon, I wonder how this pattern/shape would be interpreted when used in conjunction with Cyanotype printing? Would the patterns created via different exposures create a new and expressive surface pattern? An e-mail to Mal bennett will ensue.

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