Student Led Task

Working individually, please complete the following task by next week’s session (1st of February)

Undertake research to identify 1 example of professional art and design practice that reflects sustainability characteristics.

Please present the following information as a single A4 page Word document.

  • An image of the artefact.
  • A short written statement (no more than 100 words in total) describing:

                 I. The artefact, the individual / company that created it.

                 II. Why you think this is a good example of sustainable practice.

Please bring the above with you on a device (Smartphone, tablet or laptop) to the session on the 1st of February.’

Not ideal for the 1st week. Luckily, being a proactive individual, I have already purchased an item from the company I wish to discuss.


‘Sustainable Fashion’

Our purpose is to redesign the clothing industry. Through design and technology we make clothing more sustainable.

We’re from the Isle of Wight in the UK, and we started our company in a garden shed with £200 and an ambition: Redesign the clothing industry to be more sustainable. That was in 2008. Times have changed and thankfully, so have our business premises: Our values and purpose is still the same. We make our products from more sustainable materials like Organic Cotton. Most of our work in the first few years of our brand was in helping customersunderstand where clothing comes from and how it’s made. You can scan the code inside every product we make and find out more info about its origins.

We also believe that the future of fashion is a circular economy, so when you’re done, you can send old products back to us and cash in the material for store credit.

From the early days, there’s been renewable energy in our supply chain. Now, our main supplier of organic cotton has its own wind farm, and our UK factory is powered entirely by renewables, mostly on-site solar. That part of the story, our own factory, is where most of our our work is focused now. We’re developing advanced manufacturing techniques to massively reduce waste and these improved efficiencies are making more sustainable fashion increasingly competitive.

Throughout we’ve sought to work with responsible suppliers that do things the right way. As well as being a Global Organic Textile Standard certified company ourselves, independent auditors inspect our overseas supply chain for a wide range of social and sustainability criteria. We don’t just rely on audits, we visit factories personally. That’s what responsible fashion means to us.

We also believe that more sustainable clothing should be accessible to anyone. The problems concern all of us, and consumers and businesses must work together to solve the problems in the world. So we asked what we can do to make our supply chain more accessible. As well as printing certified organic t-shirts in bulk for other brands, we’re developing new cloud-based technologies for startups to access our supply chain. What took us ten years now takes the next generation of brands 10 minutes at Teemill.com

Looking back at the shed, we’ve achieved a fair bit. But it feels like we’re only really just started working on the real game changers. We hope you’ll continue to enjoy our products for the next 10 as we continue our mission, to make fashion more sustainable.

This is the company’s story, which I was instantly sold by. We live in a world which is vastly overpopulated by Homo Sapiens, and I think it is each one of our moral duties to forward think about our consumer habits.

I have always loved a good quality Merino Wool Jumper, but in recent years have been put off by the unethical and eco un-friendly production morals and values adopted/carried out by most companies.


On this occasion I even decided to purchase a RAPANUI WINTER BUNDLE, including a hat and scarf. Amazingly I was able to access the ‘traceability’ and supply chain journey via a Video on their website:

The NAVY MERINO WOOL JUMPER is a fantastic winter wardrobe staple for the man/woman that likes to explore and adventure outdoors. Relaxed fit, crew neck jumper. Knitted and finished in Britain using 100% merino lambswool, spun in Yorkshire. Wash at 30 degrees and dry flat.


WOOL CO-OPERATIVE, WA – Australian Wool is shipped to the UK from Western Australia. Australian wool is far easier to produce at the finer, more lustrous quality needed for garments due to the climate and conditions. However, with clever use of British wool, it’s possible to make products of a comparable quality – this is why the focus now is on developing our British wool products and supply chain.

SHIPPING – Shipping Route, Perth to Southampton. Our carbon-reduction efforts include cutting out airfrieght and so  the products come by boat instead. It’s helped to lower our Co2 Emissions by 80% overall.

HQ – Rapanui is based in Freshwater on the Isle of Wight, where we design and ship your orders. We’re also recognised as one of the UK’s top social enterprises – and not just because of our environmental work. Our business has developed an apprenticeship curriculum that has created 17 full time careers for previously unemployed young Islanders. Your purchase is helping us continue to make things better, and make better things.

Although I have not yet received my WINTER BUNDLE, I feel that this is a company i will be purchasing from again. The main reason why I love the idea of this company has to be it’s transparent moral and ethical code; giving the power to the consumer about where the product comes from, it’s supply chain, shipping method and manufacture allows me as individual to think about my carbon footprint. Not only that, it makes me feel proud to  contribute towards a greener future.

P.S Fantastic that it is also a UK based company!!!

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