What better to create my own individual samples incorporating offcuts of thread and yarn, contained within 5″x 5″ Cellophane Card plastic wrappers. It’s amazing what rummaging through an old box, full of items you never thought you would ever use again, can bear!! These little cellophane wrappers would allow a perfect ‘window’ against a backdrop of light. not only that, I wonder how the light would intensify the colour. Would the thread and yarn act as a barrier? Would this create fantastic silhouettes, or would the light permeate their structure to create amazing patterns and vibrant colour?

Each little ‘wrapper’, even though the idea is stylised, is inspired directly from individual sections found within the whole of Mulholland Drive. The size of thread and yarn, colour and pattern were all meticulously chosen to represent my elements of this amazing painting.

I will attempt to experiment with the adherence of one of these designs to a translucent fabric such as Cotton Organdie. My Light Box will act as the light source for my final design.


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