My LIGHT BOX finally arrived!!! Was getting extremely worried that it would not arrive in time; needless to say there was plenty of anxiety,bumble puckering and sleepless nights.

Saima and I had met up to discuss the elements we would incorporate from MD into our Lighting Solution. As a group we decided to incorporate the most popular and favourite elements of the designs of Saima and I:




Unfortunately I dropped my iPad down the stairs last night, so I am unable to upload images of the finalisation of my research.

The Light Box has allowed me to choose the final material choice for all 3 banners. Initially I thought that a Cotton Organdie would be the favoured material, but once I explored the diffusion quality of a Muslin, I thought that the colours ‘popped’ even further. I think the contrast against the translucent white allowed the design to truly sing, I just hope it works out as a whole design.

Just when I thought that the Muslin was the preferable choice, I placed my screen-printed geometric prints onto the Light Box…..and….the white cotton allowed a wonderfully vibrant light through, especially the printed colours. However, after experimenting with stitch and a Wing Needle, I found that the fabric puckered badly with the embellishment of any type of stitch/needlework.

I have tried to photograph these fabric experiments, but unfortunately the camera picks up unsightly black lines, hence why I am unable to upload any images.

The PD Boys had initially told me that they had wanted to utilise a Grey Gloss Spray-paint to finish the wooden structure of the light, but I totally disagreed with this!! It needed to be black, which in turn would contrast the vibrant and expressive colours found within the designs of Samia and I. Luckily, I bought the spray-paint, so they had no other choice….hahaha.

As a group, we agreed that the banners should measure 730mm (Length) X 290mm (Width), which would be attached to the top of each pane of acrylic ‘glass’ by a special invisible bonding glue. It was my job to measure out these banners and arrange them ready for the ‘appliqué’ of cropped blocks of the geometric patterns/shapes of my design, and the organic fluid strips of Saima’s design.

DISASTER!! The screen print squares that I had spent 4 hours creating, now lost all vibrancy against my Light Box!!!! I knew that this would ruin the aesthetic of the overall design!!! However, all was not lost!! I had some old EPSON IRON-ON TRANSFER PAPER in my goody box, so decided to adhere (print) that onto the Muslin Shrunk Sanforised fabric. The transfer paper needed a hot heat from an Iron to transfer the image onto the fabric; the result was fantastic, and also gave an added righty to the Muslin, which was an added bonus. I had my solution, now it was time to put all these final design ideas together.





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