Well who knew!! I have fallen in love with someone other than my Boyfriend………4 letters……W…G…S…N!! THANK YOU MARTHA.

WGSN is not your typical partner, but rather an all-seeing all-knowing design forecasting company, utilising live analytics and design tools to create a fully interactive and globally aware trend database.

God only knows why I have only just stumbled upon this incredible tool; initially thinking it a rather style-over-substance fashion based forecasting tool, I was gladly proven wrong to realise it includes a smorgasbord of different features dealing with subject matters like Interiors, Design History, Automotive Design, Politics, Culture, Travel, Sustainability, Food and Drink, Textiles, Pets and Health and Wellbeing to name a few.

Show me the money, WGSN. Where should I start? Which topics should I investigate? I decided to explore the LIFESTYLE & INTERIORS section first, probably best as I hope to become a Textile Designer specialising in the Interiors market.

COLOUR: I found it of paramount importance to firstly look at the Key Colours for S/S 19





Taken from IN TOUCH Palette SUNNY YELLOW 12-0643. Vibrant & Optimistic.




Taken from CREATIVE MANIFESTO palette BLUE CADET 15-4225. Warm, Soft, Upbeat and Subdued.




Taken from CREATIVE MANIFESTO palette RIOT RED 19-1757. Bold, Unambiguous, Deep and Sweet.




Taken from COMMON GROUND palette RUBBER PLANT 19-0230. Deep, Gender Fluid and Calming.



Taken from COMMON GROUND palette LUPIN LILAC 15-3620. Masculine & Feminine, Retro.

But why these colours? What do they signify? I wanted to further my research by investigation the psychology of colour choice.

GLOBALLY – Colour will take 2 directions. Bold and unambiguous colours reflecting the polarisation of world affairs, while soothing and energising tones will offer the welcome antidote; ACTION & REACTION, LEFT & RIGHT, MALE & FEMALE, BLACK & WHITE.

Huge inspiration from childlike Primaries, wellbeing and relaxation play a significant role in inspiring the move of mid-tone colours to a more rich and subdued palette, and finally the juxtaposition of neons and pastels.

Core Colours (COMMON GROUND) signify a move towards a range of khaki greens, blues, chocolates and metallics such as silver, gold and bronze. I absolutely love this palette and cannot wait to fuse my designs with these colours.

Next I looked at PRINT & PATTERN Trends for S/S 19

BAXTER MILL ARCHIVE…WOW!!! Corresponding all trends together to breathe new life into older designs, bringing them to the forefront of design and fashion.

Considering that the micro trend of BUSY BLOOMS is found within the over arching trend of COMMON GROUND, I wanted to find out a few more of the core/key values of this exciting and vibrant trend:

Florals, Repeats, Celebrate variety, Painterly corollas, Detailed brushstrokes, Stylised touches and medium/small scale enhancing the richness of pattern.


I am so excited to begin the true investigative work…DRAWING, PAINTING, COLLAGE, MARK-MAKING, STITCH & PRINT.



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