Strangely enough there actually wasn’t any article that piqued my interest within this issue, but rather I was drawn to a few of the adverts!! Anyone who knows me understands how much I hate adverts on TV and in magazines, social media and billboards, but on this occasion I was drawn to these 3 advertisements.


‘Excess yarn is re-carded and re-spun in India and upcycled into a new material for the one-of-a-kind rugs from the Alchemy collection. The spontaneous bursts of color evoke the artistic sensibility of a painter’s brushstroke, where traditional motifs are transformed into contemporary designs through color and the recycled yarn becomes futuristic creations with an eco-conscious perspective’.


carpet & home, abc. (2018) Alchemy (Advertisement) In: Compton, N. (2018) ‘Alchemy: Experience the Genesis of Design’, Wallpaper*, 229 (April), p.75

WOW!!!! I need a spare £8000 to purchase one of these for my new digs in Nottingham!! Donations welcome ; )

I was instantly drawn to the incredible pattern and colour within this rug, which in turn gave me the idea to possibly turn all my linear floral drawings into a fluid spectrum of my chosen colour palette, creating a natural fluidity seen within the above rug. Could I then create a beautiful background of both harmonising and contrasting colours to offset my linear florals? Would I be able to achieve this on Photoshop/Illustrator? Looking at advertisements for inspiration has really opened my ideas to the possibilities of gaining inspiration from the least likely sources.


‘Our new wallpaper collection ‘Tresco’ has been designed by artist Hugo Dalton and curated by our team of colourists.

The Tresco collection is a new, beguiling wallpaper collection inspired by the artist’s time spent in Tresco, a private island located in the Isles of Scilly. 

Encompassing a mixture of traditional and digital printing techniques, the new wallpaper collection features eight unique designs printed in a multitude of colourways taken from the existing Paint & Paper Library colour palette’. 


Dalton, H. (2018) Buds – Rufus (Advertisement) In: Compton, N. (2018) Tresco: A New Wallpaper Collection in Collaboration with Artist Hugo Dalton, Wallpaper*, 229 (April), p.101.


Dalton, H. (2018) Buds – Rufus. Available at: (Accessed: 12 April 2018)

‘An all-over motif depicting small protea buds. Full of promise and optimism, the arrangement of the chalice-shaped flowers is reminiscent of Grecian wall paintings. Found in the gardens at Tresco, this protea bud is depicted exactly to its original scale, capturing an element of life-like quality in the design. The buds have been coloured in a range of graduated neutrals and tones of natural colouring to reflect its former surroundings. An additional bold colourway has been incorporated for a more impactful and dramatic scheme creating strong contrast. This traditionally printed paper offers a design that could be used on one wall as a stand alone or all around a room. The flexibility of this paper offers great scope for use within a variety of different spaces’

There is something so sumptuously delicious about this simple, yet highly effective floral design….maybe I don’t have to create a fabric/wallpaper that contains all these gimmicks and motifs. Could I create a wallpaper of my own and beat my own path? But would my tutors argue that this looks like a Secondary pattern? The colour blue used within this design is one of my all time favourites….TIMELESS and CLASSIC. The blue is offset, contrasted and harmonised all within the same context by the metallics…..BRONZE and GOLD.



Palomba, R & L. (2018) Zen 230 (Advertisement) In: Compton, N. (2018) ‘Screen Time: Elegant Ways to Divide and Conquer’, Wallpaper*, 229, (April), p.274.

Unfortunately their website was extremely difficult to navigate around, so trying to find much information about the company was rather impossible. However, I did manage to fathom that the company is pushing the boundaries when looking at the context between indoor/outside design.

‘The fragrance of an outdoor space conceived in harmony with nature, permeated by an atmosphere of well-being. A place in which to immerse oneself, enveloped by the warmth of a design that lives through its relationship with people and their needs, offering them the experience of a different way of discovering the outdoors’.

You maybe wondering why I chose this particular design? It gave me the idea to incorporate my florals against the backdrop of a trellis, something that William Morris incorporated a lot within his work. Could these cohesive interlocking trellis ‘bricks’ softly accentuate my linear floral drawings? Could they be the colour needed to make sure I stick to one of the core elements of the brief? We shall see….

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