To say that I am having a problem with learning a new way of working via PHOTOSHOP & ADOBE ILLUSTRATOR would be a huge understatement; I am more of a Fine Art Textile Designer, not to mention age is a negative factor when trying to pick up a new skill. I know which elements of my individual designs I want to incorporate into my HERO, SECONDARY & BLENDER designs, but trying to juxtapose/manipulate into a design I could be proud of is proving nigh on impossible!!!

I am spending hours watching online tutorials looking at the basics of PHOTOSHOP, especially looking at layering and repeat patterns, but it’s like a foreign language; one which is not permeating to the necessary cognitive functions.

My feedback within the first group crit was rather muddy, and to be honest I actually felt more confused after than I did to begin with!! Sian seems to always pick my least favourite ideas/designs/motifs within my body of work, something I find disconcerting; do my tutors understand that I want to create my own path? Or do they want the same generic designs that seem to be churned out year after year?

I have recently come across a really lovely Textile Designer called Anna Jayne, and one of the reasons I share such an affinity with this particular designer is how simple the structure of the design is. I think by viewing her way of juxtaposing her individual motifs and flowers has really helped me begin to understand how my flowers and motifs can be translated digitally too.


This is how Anna begins her initial designs; concentrating on the core elements of floral observational studies allows her to build a portfolio of images that can then be concentrated down to specific flowers and motifs contained within a theme.


Jayne, A. (2016) English Garden. Available at: (Accessed: 23 April 2018)

I was absolutely stunned by this design!! It is all hand drawn then manipulated in Photoshop to create the most delicious repeating pattern……..this gives me hope that my designs could look like this. I tells a story, and a really happy one too. I really want my floral designs to tell a story about me, my childhood garden and how I want to convey my own visual handwriting.

My next step is to immerse myself more within the online tutorials and possibly to print some of my designs out and to arrange them the old school way to find out what works in terms of size, colour, layout and scale. Wish me luck.

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