I happened to come across a fantastic online article from HOUSE BEAUTIFUL (I subscribe to the magazine) documenting the power of pattern, and it’s ability to convey through it’s own language, to benefit our mood.


Murray, A & Winteringham, G. (2018) Patternity. Available at: (Accessed 25th April)

I also noticed that the line was created specifically for JOHN LEWIS, my client. This got me thinking about how important individual elements such as mark making and motifs will be within my own collection. Not only do I want to convey a sense of gender neutrality within my work, but I would also like to create a sense of enlightenment and positivity for my customers; it’s okay to be different.

Granted, the designs of ANNA MURRAY and GRACE WINTERINGHAM are monochromatic, but I feel that pattern is universal and can communicate within any colour.

Having had Chronic Fatigue Syndrome for 11 years I believe that if I can incorporate all these feelings of enlightenment and positivity within my work, maybe I can help others through the power of pattern too.

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