Having heard that the Cardiff Met Digital Printer was on the blink, to say the least, I decided to utilise one of Sian’s suggestions to print individually from a company called PRINFAB.




Prinfab was started in January 2016 by two brothers. The first 6 months were spent setting up a state-of-the-art production facility using the latest direct-to-textile print technology. By July 2016, they started to trade and the business quickly grew to become one the UK’s leading providers of short-run fabric printing.

Core Aims & Values

Core aims and values are key to everything we do at Prinfab. The aim is to:

  • Process all orders with 100% accuracy
  • Process all orders for print fabric within 1-5 working days
  • Process all orders for stock items placed before midnight the same working day
  • Ensure all fabrics are in stock

The customer service I received from Harry and Ollie was absolutely incredible!!! I rang them up and they gave me step by step instructions on how to transfer the files, not to mention they converted all the files, resolution and made sure all the colours were print compatible. The fabric that was recommended to me was a COTTON SATIN WARP @ 246gsm, needless to say, I was over the moon with the results!!! The clarity and colour of my designs are magnificent. Yes, I had to pay £26.99 for the service/fabric and £20 for next day delivery…..but it was worth it.

My next blog post will showcase all my hard work on this module in the form of my EXHIBITION, which strangely enough will be ready for the Level 4 & Level 5 Public Exhibition tomorrow!!!!!


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