I have only recently come across LI EDELKOORT but have come to find how important her influence is throughout the creative industry. I have always understood the importance of living within the present but this lady straddles the present and future concurrently; she is a trend forecaster, educator, curator, and publisher. A pioneer at looking forward, she is instrumental in working with the worlds leading brands to provide a lifestyle aspirational for us all. Publications such as VIEW IN COLOUR, IN VIEW, & BLOOM have been creative bibles within the industry.

Designers, marketers, and strategists are privy to her trend publications, which are nearly always released a couple of years in advance through her company TREND UNION. Her wealth of knowledge can be used to create a stronger identity for a client and can predict new customer archetypes to increase diversity and sales.

I will highlight some of the more poignant elements and ideas of this upcoming and forward thinking trend. One of the most interesting things I have encountered throughout my research so far would have to be my acceptance and empowerment of women through the medium of design whether it be via textiles, fashion or sculpture. As a man, I can take guidance and inspiration from all these strong and independent female archetypes without affecting my masculinity. As Edelkoort says within the article ‘Men are not completely excluded from this trend, as men will have the chance to identify with their own inner goddesses and nurture them as well while admiring the strong female archetypes emerging in the world around them’


Feteleberg, R. (2017) Gaia. Trend Union’s Li Edelkoort: Goddesses are Emerging Female Archetypes in Fashion. Available at: (Accessed: 22 August 2018)


  1. PLEATING, DRAPING & FOLDING – Freedom of movement rather than restriction.
  2. GOLDEN EMBROIDERY & EMBELLISHMENTS – Linked to the Feline archetype of Bastet/Egyptian colours.


Westwood, V. (2018) Vivienne Westwood SS’18. Available at: (Accessed: 22 August 2018)

I think it will vital for me to explore the colour palettes of ancient Egyptian culture and society. This will feed into my own research, ideas, explorative studies, and eventual practical work. Edelkoort has been extremely vocal over the increasing importance of regal colours and majestic fibres. She also highlighted a shift toward the importance of designers and not the influencers.

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