Image of Silkworm cocoons, reminiscent of the bandages used in the mummification process. Protection, brittle, envelop, encase, cocoon, pupa, chrysalis are all words that strike me as having a symbiotic relationship with the word MUMMIFIED. I could imagine all these beautiful silk cocoons being naturally dyed with rust to describe the ageing of mummified bandages and then offset with indigo to contrast the lapis lazuli stones used in ancient Egyptian jewellery. The surface pattern of these cocoons could be replicated with etchings or rubbings.



Desiccation is the removal process of moisture from something, usually in order for preservation. The overarching theme of all of these synonyms is creating the most incredible earthy pallet. However, I really do also want to incorporate blue and purple into the mix too. Dry, parched, dehydrated, and preserved are all wonderfully descriptive synonyms of MUMMIFIED.



Even the word CHRYSALIS evokes a sense of wonder and the alien. The correlation between words and synonyms allows cohesion of ideas. The idea of death and rebirth, which only happens to be one of the most sacred held beliefs within ancient Egyptian culture, will play a huge role within my research, drawing, and explorative studies. I would also like to look at the symbolism of specific colours within this topic.

This idea of death and rebirth, especially looking at the chrysalis, has given me the idea of combining the strength and independence of the ‘goddess’ with my inner strength too; a fusion of femininity and masculinity. Could I look at Moths rather than butterflies?


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