Today was my first opportunity to discuss my chosen theme and how I had tackled the pre-arrival task through a range of marking-making, observational drawing, and contextual research.

The tutorial was structured in a way that a group of my fellow students and I would discuss our chosen theme and how we had each chosen to tackle it. Initially, I thought the idea of showing my work within a group to be rather daunting but in hindsight, it was a really fantastic way to bounce new ideas around that as individuals we may not have contemplated yet.


  1. How do I refine my Concept Board?
  2. How do I intertwine my visual and contextual research via Powerpoint?
  3. Which elements within my visual research should I choose that amalgamate coherently within my theme?


The feedback received was overwhelmingly positive. My blog will serve as a way to reflect upon each tutorial, which in turn will allow me to keep an easily accessible account of my progress throughout my time @ Nottingham Trent University.


  1. Begin to think of a working title for my concept.
  2. Create a glossary of words, which will help inform my concept.
  3. Demonstrate personal interests.
  4. Look at colour, pattern, textures, and tone. Group together in individual aesthetics.
  5. Explore theme through harmony and contrast.
  6. Expand visual research through mark-making, photography, and observational drawing.
  7. Look closely at the relationship between movement, rhythm, and kinetics.
  8. Reflect progress through each workshop, tutorial, SDS, contextual and visual research.


Set up Powerpoint to create a rich and varied Contextual Research File.


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