The tutorial today was on a 121 basis. On this occasion, I found this far more valuable in terms of looking at the refinement of my theme/concept. Building upon my feedback from the group session, I began to discuss with Fo some of the issues I was facing.


  1. Clarify keywords, allowing a coherent understanding of my concept.
  2. Filter colour scheme to include more contrast.
  3. Which visual research to incorporate/subtract within Concept Board.


Having the ability to discuss ideas with Fo on a 121 basis allowed me the opportunity to understand the strengths and weaknesses of my work.


  1. A rich and diverse amount of visual research to choose from when deciding which elements I could choose to incorporate within my concept board and contextual research.
  2. Development of a rich and cohesive colour palette.
  3. A varied amount of artist/designer research to inform my ongoing creative practice.


  1. Difficulty in decision making when looking at imagery to incorporate on concept board.
  2. Muddy interpretation of keywords within my concept.
  3. Inability to include imperfect ideas can often stagnate an organic working process.


No procrastination! I will endeavour to keep to an organised, yet flexible working structure. By allotting certain days of the week to certain disciplines within my course such as visual research, contextual research, DCC, CAD, and concept development I will allow myself the time and resources necessary to create a rich and balanced body of work.

  1. Selection of my favourite/most interesting photographs, which will be deconstructed into colour palettes.
  2. Colour matching from visual research and photographs.
  3. Take time to evaluate visual research to inform core colours.
  4. Welcome the unexpected colour.
  5. Explore colour. Look at harmonising/contrasting colours and how they interact with each other.
  6. Paint 20 A5 sheets of cartridge paper with a chosen colour palette.
  7. Explore colour through pattern and juxtaposition.

Extremely excited to begin the next step within my creative journey.



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