Like I have said in previous posts, I believe that subscribing to numerous different sources i.e magazines, journals and online forums allows me to be always on the current pulse of design trends and future forecasts.

Today, I have come across 3 articles/adverts within ELLE DECORATION:


Mengham, Z, and Caselio (2018) Surfaces & The Pink Jungle (Article) In Spriggs, B. (2018) ‘Decorating’, ELLE DECORATION, 310 (June 18′), p. 49.

As soon as saw this article I knew that it would allow me to take inspiration into my own Creative Practice. Take for example the beautiful ‘Spring Green’ leaf foliage; the way that each groove and indentation is captured creates a truly beautiful fluidity, only created by the ability to practice and constantly observe.

What have I learned from the digital element of this project? Individual studies/drawings/prints/stitch samples can all be manipulated to create one cohesive design……MAGIC. The possibilities of design are simply endless, which makes me incredibly excited at what the future holds for me as a designer.

Jesmonite is apparently the material of the moment, and I can see why!! The subtleties of the patterns and shapes within the production could be transferred fantastically to motifs when looking for inspiration for a new collection. The individual marks remind me of a smorgasbord of delicate and intricately placed tiny flowers.


“We believe that the objects we surround ourselves with every day should be more than just functional, they should be made of stories, love, art, and poetry in order to meaningfully exist…” 


Battaglia, V, and Young, B. (2018) Delft Baroque Wallpaper and Persian Wallpaper  (Article) In Spriggs, B. (2018) ‘Mineheart’, ELLE DECORATION, 310 (May 18′), p. 57

I was instantly drawn to the simplicity and colour palette of this company, and feel the toned down soft monochromes create a really strong and brand assured aesthetic. I was even more impressed to find one of their core beliefs to be ‘ignore whether something is commercial or not and just go with your gut’, which resonated with me on both a personal and professional basis; if I followed each and every single trend that was and will be, it would constrain me to a life of not being able to discover who I am as a designer and individual. Don’t get me wrong it is imperative to keep up to date with current trends, but it’s equally as important to create a vision/concept of your own.

I absolutely adore how these designs adopt a REFLECTED layout, which is something I have discovered could well be a core part of my brand and aesthetic. This is something I am currently trying to learn within Photoshop……wish me luck.


Morris, W. (1915) ‘Nympheus’ by GP & J Baker (Article) In Spriggs, E. (2018) ‘Fine Print’, ELLE DECORATION, 310 (May 18′), p. 194.

GP & J BAKER!! What’s not to love about this company, their designs are incredible. Although not that overkeen on the colour palette, I adore the simplicity and juxtaposition of so many cohesive motifs and larger designs. This is storytelling at it’s finest, something I have to be aware to keep throughout my collection.

Reading this issue of ELLE DECORATION has reignited the passion for some of the ideas that I had placed on a backburner. Take to get cooking.


Well well…..there are quite a lot of interesting adverts and articles within this issue. Let’s begin with…….


…….specifically their MOSAICO Collection.

‘Bisazza is one of the top luxury brands in the design sector and the industry’s leading producer of glass mosaics for interior and exterior decoration. Over the past few years, the company has extended its decorative offerings with new materials made through processes that combine the value of design with the charm of craftsmanship’.


Natale, G. (2018) Mosaico (Advertisement) In: Spriggs, B. (2018) Bisazza: Mosaico, Elle Decoration, No 309 (May), p.21.

I absolutely adore this design by Greg Natale, it reminds me of the grain found within wood; the organic nature is transformed by the geometric nature of each individual glass mosaic tile. Could I experiment with this type of pattern as a gentle and soft background? Strangely enough I have actually undertaken some observational studies of my own within my Material Matters project…..could I maybe revisit and re-envisage this design to incorporate within my hero or possible Blender pattern?



Wishlist (Article) In: Spriggs, B. (2018) ‘Sun and Stripes: Team Moody Graphic Greys with Splashes of Sunshine Yellow for a Modern Bedroom Scheme’, Elle Decoration, No 309 (May), p.53.

Although this is not one particular brand per se, it demonstrates some of my favourite design elements:

COLOUR – ‘Citron’ Estate Emulsion by FARROW & BALL, masters of paint, interior design and colour @ Strangely enough, I have begun to really appreciate the power of Yellow; I have always opined it as rather a nonchalant colour, but now think it may be one of my favourite. Daffodils as black line and a yellow background?

LINE – ‘Forest Lovers’ print by Christopher Lorenzo @ So simple, but amazingly effective when combined with a strong colour such as the ‘Citron’ Yellow. The thickness of line also really communicates the importance of the image it contains i.e the print.

PATTERN – J by Jasper Conran towels @ Geometric patterns utilising a white line against the yellow is just as effective as the black line against the yellow. The black and yellow together communicates a harder edged (masculine?) design and the white against yellow conveys a softer edged (feminine) design; I could explore this.



Colour (Article) In: Spriggs, B. (2018) ‘Silver: Having proved it’s Mettle, this Futuristic Shade is taking a Momentum to Shine’, Elle Decoration, No 309 (May), p.82.

This got me thinking back to the lecture I had with one of my tutors, Sian, whilst thinking about our brand as a designer and which colours what be core elements of said brand; silver has always been a favourite colour of mine and what better colour to offset it against than Blue………time to play………….