Today I received an e-mail, informing of what was expected of me to undertake over the Summer in preparation for the new term fast approaching. This small task is designed to hone the selection process enabling the initiation of ideas and research skills, which will then feed into my work during the first term. I will also need to collect objects and materials from which to draw, develop and become inspired by.


Task 1: Select and Explore one Theme (Individual Concept)

  1. MOTHER EARTH – Voluptuous, Primal, Fertility, Nourishing
  2. BASTET – Mummified, Pliable, Royal, Protector
  3. PERSEPHONE – Underworld, Rebellious, Innocence, Loss
  4. ARTEMIS – Protests, Survival, Wild, Athletic
  5. MAMA OCLLO – Symbiotic, Sibling, Land, Blood
  6. OSHUN or OXUM – Sweetness, Abundance, Animistic, Liquid
  7. SARASWATI – Dazzling, Purify, Flamboyant, Liquid
  8. OLD GODDESS – Rituals, Weathered, Creased, Wisdom

These are from TREND UNION: Spring/Summer 19′.  TRENDTABLET & EDELKROOT can be sourced for trend information and inspiration.

I have been tasked to find out what these words mean to me and to research their wider meanings, both together and separately. I am to research via mind mapping and idea development.

All 8 themes are superbly unusual!!! I have decided to reduce the 8 down to 3 and will eventually reduce the 3 down to my 1 chosen theme. The initial 3 that I am gravitating towards are: BASTET, PERSEPHONE & SARASWATI 


Why these 3? All will be revealed………WATCH THIS SPACE