Taking some of my favourite monoprints, I photocopied a few images and decided to mesh/weave them together. Exploring the deconstruction and reconstructing of ideas to make them function in a new exciting way. Why deconstruct images only to reconstruct? Does it offer a way to make sense of its properties? Do I interknit my own personality within this process?


Woven monoprint with plain white paper. Does the simplicity of the white signify the stark and cold properties of metal within machines? Is it that I want to connect the organic with the inorganic? Could this play between the natural and manmade factor within my concept?

A pattern within art. Monotone Monoprint. Repetition. Considering line and pattern from simplistic studies can translate into the most incredible designs. (Left) The offcuts from the image on the right have been randomly collaged on top of each other to create pattern and texture, reminds of me the work of Jackson Pollock. Metal surface quality has been translated deliciously through an observation drawing in the media of monoprint. (Right) The observational study was duplicated and cut from the same paper as the image on the left and positioned side by side to express the beauty of kinetic motion. Strangely, I initially did not like the original study and was tempted to shelve it, but luckily the idea worked effectively well.



This consistent idea of fluid motion has been the catalyst to hone my concept and allow exploration in a vast array of different ways.