For research purposes I wanted to see what would pop up if I were to type a few specific words into Google…….FLORAL TEXTILE ARTISTS. Well, I am glad that I did!! I came across a wonderful webpage:

It was full with the most amazing Textile Designers, but the first that truly caught my eye was MELISSA ZEXTER.

‘Melissa Zexter combines embroidery with photography. She sews by hand directly onto photographs she has taken, combining a traditional practical skill, embroidery with a modern and mass reproducible process, photography’

Zexter, M. (2013-15) Portraits, Woman With Veil. Digital Print, Thread. Available at: (Accessed: 10 April 2018)

What once was a standard digital print has been made new and unique by the addition of thread. The image is now alive and describes something now beautiful; a simplistic addition to an existing story to create intrigue and dynamism. Could I now reinvigorate some of my old photographs with the addition of specifically chosen thread?

Dexter, M.  (2017) Embroidered Portraits, Schoolgirls. Gelatin Silver Print, Thread. Available at: (Accessed 10 April 2018)


Susan is not only a fiver artist, but a teacher and author too. She has been making quilts since she was 10 years old and has honed her skill over a lifetime to produce some of the most incredible finer art quilted artworks I have ever seen. The attention to detail exudes tactility and luxury in each stitch she creates.


Brubaker Knapp, S. (2016) Resurrection, Free Machine Quilted, Cotton. Available at: (Accessed 10 April 2018)

Brubaker Knapp, S. (2010) Passion Flower, Free Machine Quilted, Cotton. Available at: (Accessed 10 April 2018)

Brusker Knapp, S. (2010) Pink Rose, Painted Wholecloth, Machine Quited, Cotton. Available at: (Accessed 10 April 2018)

These artworks are so sumptuous!! I could image a full-size bedspread of this design and would happily pay whatever price was advertised.

Although I haven’t attempted much embroidery/stitch work within this project, seeing these incredible works of art has inspired me to explore the wonders of my Bernini and hand.