How do I go about being as prepared as I possibly can before starting my degree @ Nottingham Trent Univesity?

Having a knowledge of a good range of sources to draw inspiration from is essential! Core sources:





Not only that, I will endeavour to take my camera everywhere I go. Taking photographs as part of my ongoing visual research will allow an organic emersion of all things related to my creative practice.

Feed findings throughout visual and contextual research. As I subscribe to SElvedge, Elle Decoration, and Wallpaper, I will make it a primary task to reference any artists, designers, and trends that relate to my ongoing learning.

Could this visual research by uploaded digitally? Whilst undertaking research, I will try my best to maintain a research method that incorporates design responsibility.

This blog will allow me to reflect upon my time @ NTU. Although my Visual Research will be primarily within my sketchbook, and Contextual Research will be created and uploaded digitally, my thoughts and feelings over the greater umbrella of research will be annotated here.