To finalise not only the module but my time at Cardiff Met I decided to describe the pros and cons of the Academic Year 2017/18.


  1. Met some wonderful friends and saw great potential in their creative practice.
  2. Discovered a mentoring skill within me and loved helping a lot of my friends deconstruct ideas to reconstruct concepts.
  3. My self-confidence/belief is the best it has ever been, thanks to my drive and passion to constantly better myself.
  4. Discovered the manner in how I want to learn.
  5. Through independent research and some suggested online resources, I learn how to transform my ideas into cohesive hand-drawn and digital designs.
  6. Being exposed to the sublime resources of Cardiff Met Library’s Databases, Journals, Books and online trend companies such as WGSN expanded my knowledge bank to allow me to grow as a designer/individual.
  7. The opportunity to work as part of a team and to find how important interweaving different skills and strengths can be in preparation for a final product.
  8. Discovering the importance of Colour theory and how it can affect my practice in a positive way.
  9. Unearthing my hidden potential and what that means to be able to compete as a designer at a professional/commercial level.
  10. A positive outlook for my next challenge at Nottingham Trent University.


  1. Not enough core creative skills such as drawing, painting and observational studies.
  2. Staff shortages.
  3. Not enough time to discuss personal ongoing growth and concerns with Tutors.
  4. Poor equipment and old material, not conducive to creative progression.
  5. Hardly any time spent with Programme Leader, which is a shame considering that a wealth of knowledge could have been passed down.
  6. The Print aspect of the course was poor, with little creative input/output.
  7. The Stitch aspect, although technically very good, lacked creative detail. No hand stitch techniques were learnt.
  8. Technical support within Digital Matters module was extremely poor and most workshops were missed due to illness or memory. However, support was eventually undertaken by Matt Leighfield who was an incredible help on finalising my module. Without him, I would not have been able to finish the year.
  9. Constant requests for support for my disability were not satisfactorily met.
  10. The feedback that was given to tutors/management was not carried through to improve the course and alleviate student concern.

I am extremely glad I chose to finish the Academic Year as I am not the type of person to leave something unfinished. Yes, there have been both positive and negative factors within my 1st year at Cardiff Metropolitan University but I will take fond memories of my friends and what I have achieved independently.

I look forward to continuing my studies at Nottingham Trent University and relish the challenge to be professionally and creatively pushed. WATCH THIS SPACE…………………..